Sid Roiland

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When the biotech companies began their body modifications, a race began for people to express their individuality, their “truer selves”. If the body is the cage within which the beast is held, what happens when you replace its cage with metal flesh controlled by the mind? Where does the beast wander then? It didn’t take long for degeneracy and vice to become rampant. In the corporatocracy of the future, those without money are left to futiley fend for themselves against violent, technologically advanced superhumans. Everything changed when the mysterious bounty hunting organization called the Hellgorythm was introduced into urban cities. No one knew where the bounty stations came from, only that there was good money involved and it kept them safe… This is the story of employee Sid Roiland.

This is the special wraparound cover edition, painted by SICKJOE!

Special Wraparound Cover